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Turn clip brackets are custom-made components designed to interface with a variety of extruded aluminum recessed blind pocket channel members. 

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Extruded aluminum recessed blind pocket channels are specified as a part of the integrated window treatment system when the design professional considers it important:
  1. To conceal the blind headrail system from interior and exterior view.
  2. To provide a very secure mounting system.
  3. To provide for ease of removal and replacement (activity associated with maintenance of the blind).
  4. To provide for a uniform and exact mounting height.
  5. To provide for reduced life cycle labor costs.

Turn clips are made from steel and are designed with two (2) rounded corners, two (2) square corners, and a center slot. The rounded corners are opposite each other for ease of installation and the center slot facilitates rotation of the clip into a snug fitting position within the recessed channel grooves, using a tool such as a flat headed screwdriver.

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The headrail of the blind is placed into the recessed blind pocket. Then the turn clip bracket is placed between the bottom surface of the blind's headrail and the top of the first slat. The turn clip should be positioned such that the rounded corner can be turned into the recessed blind pocket grooves. A flat-headed screwdriver may then be placed into the slot and turned into position, with the rounded corner being the guiding edge. This will secure the blind.


The steel turn clip bracket is available in color-coordinated custom sizes, providing a secure mounting within extruded aluminum blind pockets.


The use of the Bali turn clip reduces installation time and consequently can reduce labor costs. This method of installation eliminates drilling holes, measuring for bracket positions, and turning of screws. A flat-headed screwdriver is the only tool required for installation of the turn clip.

Available on:
    Bali Classics Mini blinds
    Bali CustoMiser Mini blinds
    Bali Micro blinds

Note: To insure a tight custom fit of the turn clip in its locked position, submit a sample of the extruded aluminum blind pocket (approximately 4" cross-sectional piece).

When design requires an extruded aluminum blind pocket, be sure to specify Bali.

Suggested specification language:

Part 2 - Products
2.01 Horizontal Blinds
C. Product Description
11. End Support Brackets:
a.    Turn clip installations: Shall be of steel construction, with two (2) radius corners, two (2) square corners, and center slot, properly sized to fit the extruded aluminum recessed blind pocket. May be installed with only a flathead screwdriver.

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